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Navigating Your Seniorhood is an OPP awareness program developed from an Ontario Government Proceeds of Crime (2013-14) grant, focusing on Older Ontarians living safely and independently. The program identifies resources and tips specifically dealing with Safe Driving, Financial Independence and Independent Living.

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Elder Abuse Response Team (EART)


Phone:   519-579-4607

EART is a collaborative partnership between the Waterloo Regional Police Service and the Waterloo-Wellington Community Care Access Centre. Core funding is provided by each agency. EART’s mission is to prevent and respond to elder abuse by working in partnership with the community and by providing an opportunity for change and healing to people affected by elder abuse, thereby enhancing the safety and well-being of older adults. EART’s mandate includes providing information and consultation, direct intervention, education and training and community development.


Waterloo Regional Police Service

Phone:   519-653-7700

Preserves law and order, works to prevent crime, and provides safety and security to people and property.  Provides advice and support, and will act in an emergency, when a crime has been committed, when the victim or witness wants to press charges, when police involvement will deter abuse, even if charges are unlikely.  Will give advice on questions regarding criminal charges.


Victim Services of Waterloo Region


Phone:   519-585-2363

Victim Services of Waterloo Region is a not-for-profit agency providing 24 hour/7 day a week crisis intervention, emotional and practical support and community referrals to victims of crime and or tragic circumstance in the Region of Waterloo.  The diversified programs include Crisis Intervention, Volunteer Program, ACCESS Program,  Public Education Program, and Picking up the Pieces Program.  The response is caring, skilled and effective as well as culturally appropriate with over 75 highly skilled volunteers and staff.


Mosaic Counselling and Family ServicesCentre

Phone:   519-743-6333

Therapeutic counselling for individuals experiencing difficulties.


Waterloo–Wellington Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

Phone:   519-748-2222


Information on and referral to community support services and resources.  Home Care Services: assessment for visiting services that may include nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, nutrition counselling, social work, personal support and respite services, case management.  Placement services for long-term care homes, continuing care placement and caregiver relief and support programs.


Waterloo Region Committee on Elder Abuse (WRCEA)

Phone:   519-883-2280 (call line)

The call line is available Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm with volunteer responders who are knowledgeable about elder abuse and the resources available.  Speakers are also available through this line, to provide public education to community groups upon request.


Community Support Connections

Crisis Intervention Assistance Service (CIAS)

Phone:   519-772-8787

This program provides crisis intervention assistance to older adults who may be vulnerable and at risk in the community. Such risks could include homelessness, abuse, isolation, lack of motivation, alienation, grief and trauma from losses.  The goal is to provide support and crisis intervention in critical situations, assist with a plan and linkage with the appropriate resources.

Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, Regional Office.

Phone:   1-866-532-3161

Abuse in LTCH must be reported to a Compliance Advisor of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


Office of Ontario Public Guardian & Trustee (OPGT)

Phone:   1-800-366-0335

OPGT can help by investigating allegations of abuse or neglect of an incapable person where there is no one else in a position to do so.  Where necessary, the Public Guardian and Trustee can take steps to get legal authority to make decisions for the person in order to prevent abuse or neglect.


Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)

Phone:   1-416-598-2656

ACE is a legal clinic that specializes in the problems and needs of older people.



Warm Embrace Elder Care

Phone:  519-954-2480


Warm Embrace Elder Care provides homecare services to seniors who wish to remain living indepedently.  Ensuring that seniors have the physical and emotional support required to reduce their risk of abuse or neglect.  Warm Embrace helps seniors to remain socially engaged, mentally stimulated, and physically active.





Respite and Placement Services

Waterloo-Wellington CCAC

Phone:   519-748-2222

Can arrange respite for caregivers and when required, urgent long-term care placement.


Retirement Home Beds

Phone:   519-883-2280

List available from Waterloo Region Committee on Elder Abuse. No cost for up to 48 hours stay for senior who is at risk and is at a retirement level of care.


House of Friendship (men’s hostel)

Phone:   519-742-8327, (24 hours)

Short-term accommodation and meals.  Individual case work support.  Meals and drop-in available to non-residents.


Family Crisis Shelter Haven House, Cambridge

Phone:   519-653-2289 (24 hours)

Confidential emergency shelter and counselling.  Mutual help group for clients and community members who suffer from family violence.


Anselma House (females only)

Phone:   519-741-9184 (Shelter)

Phone:   519-742-5894 (24 hour crisis line)

Provides short-term housing for women over 16 years of age who are victims of actual or threatened physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse and their children (males up to 16 years).  Provides 1:1 and group support, and information and referral to community agencies.


Mary’s Place (YWCA) (females only)

Phone:   519-744-0120, (24 hours)

Supportive, temporary shelter and long-term residence.  Provides counselling.  Crisis support is available by telephone.



Woolwich Interfaith Pastoral Counselling Centre

Phone:   519-669-8651

Confidential counselling service for individuals, couples and families.


KW Counselling Services

Phone:   519-884-0000

Therapeutic counselling for individuals seeking solutions.  Counselling for physical, emotional and sexual abuse.


Cambridge Interfaith Family Counselling Centre (Lutherwood)

Phone:   519-622-1670

Provides marriage, family and individual counselling.


Alzheimer Society of Kitchener-Waterloo   

Phone: (519) 742-1422  Fax:(519) 742-1862     

831 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON  N2H 2M7
Alzheimer Society of Cambridge

Phone: (519) 650-1628   Fax: (519) 650-1629

Langs Community Health Centre
1145 Concession Road, Cambridge ON N3H 4L6


Wilmot – Wellesley Family Violence Prevention Program

Phone:   519-662-2731

This program provides support for women and their children in crisis due to family violence in the Wilmot-Wellesley area. Provides counselling and ongoing crisis support.


Hazelglen Outreach Mental Health

Phone:   519-749-4213 (Kitchener-Waterloo)

Phone:   519-624-5716 (Cambridge)

Short-term quick response, community based.  Alternative to hospitalization for individuals 16 years and over with severe mental health problems.


John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington

Family Violence Prevention Program

Phone:   519-743-6071

Therapeutic program, group setting for men who assault their partners.  Provides support group on completion of program.


Shalom Counselling Services, Waterloo

Phone:   519-886-9690

Therapeutic counselling.


Family Services, Cambridge and North Dumfries

Phone:   519-621-5090

Individual, marital and family counselling.  Family violence program for men who abuse.  Sexual assault counselling for women.  Women’s group for women who come from abusive relationships.


Community Justice Initiatives of Waterloo Region

Phone:   519-744-6549

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) provides mediation services in cases referred by criminal court by giving opportunity for victim(s) to resolve the effects of the offence.

Community Mediation Services (CMS) provides mediation to anyone in the community who needs assistance in resolving disputes. CMS also provides training, consultation, workshops and other public education events focusing on strategies to resolve conflict in a constructive manner.

Community Justice Circles (CJC), also known as Family Group conferencing, gives opportunity for people who have been impacted by crime or conflict to deal with the harmful effects. The process includes participation from people who were directly involved, as well as their family members, friends, and other supporters.

Together the group explores ways to repair the harm and to minimize further harm. CJC also trains community members as facilitators of the circles.

CMS, VORP and CJC are all programs of Community Justice Initiatives, a community-based agency founded on principles of restorative justice.



Waterloo Region Community Legal Services

Phone:   519-743-0254

Community legal clinics may give free legal advice and help.  A financial needs test is required.


Lawyer Referral Service (via Law Society of Upper Canada)

Phone: 1-800-268-8326

Note: $6.00 on phone bill provides 30 minutes of

legal service

Ensures no one is denied lawyers’ services for lack of money.  Operates under Ontario Legal Aid Act.  Financial needs test required.


Giesbrecht, Griffin, Funk & Irvine

Phone:   519-579-4300

Ted Giesbrecht will advise professionals re: elder law and legal options or provide legal services directly to client. Fee to be determined.