EAPC is a diverse Council of volunteers. Members include older adults and representation from Waterloo Regional Police, the Local Health Integration Network, retirement homes, long term care homes, homecare agencies, community services and hospitals.

Our Vision 

Our community becomes a place where older adults age with dignity, honour and respect.

Our Purpose

To enhance the safety and well-being of older adults through the prevention of elder abuse.

Our Values

We believe in a community where older adults are:

  • Empowered – As citizens, older adults know they have a voice and the power to influence change for the better.
  • Valued – Community members appreciate the wisdom and experience of older adults and their important roles in family, community and work life.
  • Engaged – Older adults have many opportunities and invitations to be involved in a range of activities including volunteering, civic and/or political activities, accessible leisure activities, and meaningful employment options.
  • Respected – Older adults are regarded as positive, contributing members of our community.

Our History

For 25 years, the WRCEA has been an active committee with extremely dedicated volunteers.  Over those 25 years, the WRCEA produced a printed information guide (before websites were popular!), hosted numerous conferences and seminars, proctored the emergency housing list, provided comfort packs to seniors in need, staffed an information phone line, provided educational presentations throughout the community and maintained a visible presence at community events and health fairs.  The Elder Abuse Response Team (EART)—a collaboration between Waterloo Regional Police and the Local Health Integration Network—grew out of the work of WRCEA.

Reflecting upon 25 years of ground breaking efforts, the WRCEA decided it was time for a refreshed strategic plan. The committee surveyed key community stakeholders to determine the needs of this specific community.  The results of the surveys were clear—the need for elder abuse prevention remains strong and there is work yet to be done.

Building upon the success of the WRCEA, the group decided to rename and become the Elder Abuse Prevention Council. The name reflects the group’s renewed focus on prevention.  The above listed vision, purpose and values were clarified during the strategic planning process.

The Elder Abuse Prevention Council is renewed with fresh energy and focus as we head into the next 25 years of community service!  With the incredible efforts of the EAPC, our hope is that the need for the EAPC continually dwindles.